Shifting Methods


 Shifting Methods

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Shifting is a way of training your mind to enter a new reality. Shifting is the process of moving your awareness from one reality to another. The term "shifting" can describe many different types of experiences. From small changes in perspective to complete paradigm shifts.


There are many different methods to shift realities.


And the best way for you will depend on your goals and preferences. Anyone can learn to shift their reality. And anyone can experience the world in new and exciting ways with practice.


Shifting is also very similar to lucid dreaming, but not quite.

There are also many misconceptions and misinformation being spread both on Amino and Tiktok, so please conduct thorough research and use cognitive thinking before trying this. Suicide is not a way to go about this.  

What Are Shifting Methods?

Shifting methods are different ways you can change your focus from the physical world around you to the astral plane. Shifting is a skill that takes practice to perfect.


Still, once you've learned how to do it, it can be a powerful tool for exploring the astral realm and gaining insights into other planes of existence.


There are many different shifting methods. Some of the most popular include the Raven Method, the Pillow Method, and the Heartbeat Method. Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. So it's essential to experiment and find the one that works best for you.


With practice, you'll be able to use shifting methods to explore the astral realm easier and better understand the universe around you.

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What Shifting Methods Are There?

Shifting is moving your consciousness from one physical reality to another. There are many different methods of shifting. It ranges from simple techniques that can be learned in a few minutes to more complex methods that may take years to master.


While each method has its own unique steps and requirements, they all share one common goal. To help you experience the fullness of life by expanding your awareness beyond the limitations of your physical body.


Shifting Methods And How To Do Them


The Raven Method

The Raven Method is a way to use your mind to have lucid dreams. The idea is to keep counting and visualizing that you are drifting away closer and closer to your desired reality. Once you fall asleep and have moved your consciousness, you can go into the dream world, where you can do anything you want!


To start practicing the Raven Method, find a comfortable place in bed where you can lie down in a starfish position. Start with 10 seconds of counting backward from 100 (or any number that works for you).


Then visualize yourself falling asleep as your consciousness moves further away from this reality. This exercise should be done at least once every night before going to sleep.

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The Pillow Method

The pillow method is one of the most popular methods for shifting. The way it works is you take a piece of paper and write down affirmations that relate to the shift you want to make. For example, if you want to shift your mindset from negative to positive, you would write down affirmations like “I am a positive person” or “I attract positive people and experiences into my life.” 


Then, you put the piece of paper under your pillow and fall asleep. The theory is that as you sleep, your subconscious mind will absorb the affirmations and start to believe them. The result is that you will start to see a shift in your reality. 


The Heartbeat Method

The Heartbeat Method is a shifting technique that involves focusing on your heartbeat. To do this, place your hand on your heart. The heartbeat method is a shifting method that uses your own heartbeat as a way to ground yourself in the present moment.


When you feel overwhelmed or have negative emotions, focus on your heartbeat and breathe deeply. The idea is that by focusing on your heartbeat, you are reminded of the present moment. This can help you to feel calmer and more grounded.


The Julia Method

The Julia method is a powerful technique that allows you to shift into your desired reality. It is a simple yet effective way that has been used by many people and has shown positive results.


All you have to do is lie down in a starfish-like position and start saying mantras using "I am" as a prefix to perform this method. Then add anything next to it to describe the mantra even more.


Make sure that these mantras are done in the present tense as if what you are saying has already happened. You can also use sensory details, making them seem more accurate than ever before!


ADHD shifting method worthywolfwrites

The ADHD Method

ADHD shifting is a method to change your reality by shifting your focus and energy. You need to use proper headphones and search for 8D soundtracks to shift. While you lie down and listen to audio, choose affirmations like "I am shifting to my desired reality." Try to sync the breath with the audio.


Count from 1 to 5 after each affirmation and repeat it. As you sync with the sound and affirmations, soon, you will start feeling the symptoms of the shift. As soon as the symptoms start, begin to visualize the reality you wish to land in.


The Sunni Method

In this method, you use your imagination and focus on the positive aspects of what you want. This will help you feel as if you are already in that situation.


The Sunni Method is all about tricking your brain into thinking that you are in a particular situation. It involves persuading your mind by saying that you are already in your desired reality. This can be induced by sounds, sensations, or plain silence.


The Intent Method

The method is simple: You set your intention before going to sleep. It can be as simple as "I will shift" or "I will be able to shift."


But, a key factor to remember is that the intent must be thought about or spoken right before you drift off to sleep. This is because the sooner you sleep after having set your intention, the lesser time your brain has to speculate or doubt it.


So, once you have set your intent, try to fall asleep as soon as possible. If you have trouble falling asleep due to thoughts running through your head, try counting sheep until they stop popping up!

the estelle method worthywolfwrites

The Estelle Method

The Estelle Method is a technique that allows you to shift with ease. The method is ideal for those who enjoy music and can connect with sounds and vibrations. Imagine dancing with your DR [desired reality] character or someone you love.


Choose music that complements the character or person you're dancing with. The individual is anybody you choose; your crush, love, friend, or anyone you wish. Make sure you experience every sensation like the air, smell, and touch.


Mirror Method

The most popular method is the Mirror Method. It involves looking into a mirror and asking yourself what you want to change about your reality. This can be anything from your job to your relationship status.


Once you have decided what you want to change, you can imagine yourself in a reality where that change has already happened. For example, suppose you're going to get a new job. In that case, you imagine yourself in an alternate reality where you already have the job.


The key to the Mirror Method is to be as specific as possible when imagining an alternate reality and to believe that it is possible.


The Falling Method

The falling method involves going into a deep trance and then allowing yourself to fall into a bottomless pit. As you fall, you visualize your desired reality and let go of all attachment to your current reality.


Making this method work is to completely let go of your attachment to your current reality. You will find that your desired reality will become your new reality if you can do that. Give it a try and see for yourself!


alice in wonderland method worthywolfwrites

Alice in Wonderland Method

It is called the Alice in Wonderland method, and it involves jumping down a hole after a character. As you are falling down the hole, start repeating affirmations and picture things from your CR [current reality]. As you visualize things from your CR, start letting go of them one by one. 


This technique can be extremely effective in helping you to overcome your fears and anxieties. If you are struggling with letting go of your fears, then this is definitely a method worth trying.


The Train Method

The premise of this method is simple. Every time you have a negative thought, imagine that thought boarding a train and then watching it leave the station. As the train fades into the distance, negative thinking does too.


This method can help deal with intrusive and unwanted thoughts. It can also help break the cycle of negative thinking, that is damaging to our mental health.


the piano method worthywolfwrites

The Piano Method

The 'piano method' involves getting all your senses involved in imagining how you want your life to be. Visualize yourself walking into a room, bathed in a focused spotlight, with everyone's attention on you. While you walk up to the piano and sit down to play.


Feel the energy of the room, the buzz, and the chatter of the people around you. Keep affirming that this is your reality, even if you lose focus for a moment. With enough practice, you'll find that your reality has shifted to match your new vision.


The Eye Method

The Eye Method is one of the most popular methods for shifting into a new reality. To do this, lie down, close your eyes and start counting to 100. As you count, keep affirming what you want to see in your dream realm.


After a while, start rolling your eyes (with eyes closed) and keep affirming during the process. This method is said to be very effective in shifting into a new reality.


The Eleven Method

Eleven methods are one such method. It involves lying down in a comfortable position and tying a bandana or any piece of cloth over your eyes. Next, listen to "white noise," or sounds of equal intensity but different frequencies being played together.


Then, imagine your current self walking up to your DR self (the person you wish to see yourself as in your desired reality). Focus your attention and visualizes your current reality self's consciousness flowing out. And then merging with this desired version of themselves.


Finally, they imagine themselves living in this new reality and note how it feels.


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The Elevator Method

Close your eyes and picture yourself in an elevator for the elevator method, riding up to your desired reality. As you ride, feel your vibrational energy rising along with the elevator. This will help raise your vibration and align you with your new reality.


The higher you go, the closer you will get to your goal. Keep going until you reach your desired destination. Then, open your eyes and take a look around. You should notice that your reality has shifted to match your new perspective.


All the shifting methods we've looked at are effective in their own way. It depends on what you want to achieve and how much effort you want to put into it. The easiest methods usually produce the quickest results. Still, if you want more dramatic changes, some more complex techniques may be more up your alley.


It's up to you to decide which shifting method works best for your business and your customers. Have you tried using any of these shifting methods? If so, let us know how it went in the comments below!

Do you believe that reality is actually shifting, or are we just perceiving it differently?
Is reality shifting a form of magic?
What is the purpose of reality shifting?

There is no simple answer to this question. Some would say that magic is the use of supernatural powers or abilities to achieve the desired outcome. Reality shifting, on the other hand, is the ability to manipulate reality by changing your own thoughts and expectations.

Some would argue that reality shifting is nothing more than an act of self-fulfilling prophecy, while others might say that it's a form of mind over matter. But the truth is, nobody really knows for sure what happens when someone's reality shifts.

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