Why is Blackout Poetry Art?


 Why is Blackout Poetry Art?

You know how when you look at a photo or painting and it has so much going on, you can't make sense of it? And then you look at something that's very minimal, and it just pops?

What the heck is going on there?

Blackout poetry is like that. If it's too much for you, if it's overwhelming, it'll wash you out. So we're going to take a step back and explain exactly what Blackout Poetry is.

Now, what is Blackout Poetry?

Blackout poetry is a type of experimental poetry that consists of lines or stanzas of text without any punctuation, capitalization, or line breaks. The goal of this style is to challenge the reader to interpret the message being conveyed through the words on the page. Each reader will come up with a different interpretation of the text based on the words and phrases used. This style is also known as unpunctuated poetry or colloquial poetry.


Few Blackout Poetry Examples;

Why Create Blackout Poetry?

Blackout poetry is a way for people to express themselves in a creative and unique way. It's easy, fun, and infinitely adaptable. You can write about anything under the sun: your favorite flavor of ice cream, the summer you spent in Australia, or even just how the moon looked to you on your birthday. Blackout poetry is a great way to connect with people who might have similar interests and hobbies. 


It's also a wonderful way to let people know more about who you are as an individual since blackout poetry allows you to be completely honest with yourself while writing.


How To Create Blackout Poetry

Blackout poetry is made by writing (or drawing) without any background or visual cues. The result is a piece of poetry that is virtually indistinguishable from a piece written in normal conditions. It can be difficult to understand at first, but with a little practice, anyone can get the hang of it.


Here are a few guidelines:

1. Choose a text you’re excited about. It could be anything - from a book that you’re currently reading to a random piece of text.

2. Go through the text, and choose the words you want to use in your poem.

3. Write the words on paper, or simply highlight them (with a pencil).

4. Do a final read, and if you're unhappy - select different words.

5. Once you're happy with it, use a black marker and blackout everything. Expect the words you've chosen for your poem.

6. Now share it!


Some Blackout Poetry Ideas: 

  • Write about an animal that you love, using only the last letter from each word 
  • Write about an event we all remember 
  • Write about hot dogs (for example) in the same way you would write about a person: name, age, occupation, favorite things to do, etc.
  • If you could make a wish and have it granted, what would your wish be?

Hopefully, this guide has given you a better understanding of what blackout poetry is and how to create your own. If you’re looking for some more examples, there’s plenty on the internet—the best places to start would be on websites like Pinterest or
Poetry Foundation. Good luck with your innovations in poetry!

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